Monday, 31 August 2015

  written by Laseana

                              Hey! you look ugly!
                           ‘Stop it shush your mouth
                             Bullying is not okay!
Bullies are people who tease you
and call you names.

People mostly get bullied at school.
Why are we even teasing and calling
other people names?
Jesus made us to be a family
not to be bullies and to  say
unkind words to other people.

Bullying can make other people
afraid from walking into the school  
Monday to Friday and
we should not be afraid.
We should not be teasing and
being mean to other people.

Bullies are people who think that
they can make someone else feel bad
but bullies are really people who
don’t have respect and they are weak as well.  

We should not be teasing and calling
names about other people’s parents
because if you are then you are disrespecting
other peoples parents and that’s not good.
Bullies swear because they know
that it can hurt other people’s feelings.   
This is not a good thing.   

Everyone should be happy and be free
from Bullies.  If you see someone being Bullied
make sure you tell a teacher or
there mum and dad because school should be
a safe place so we can learn. Don’t try
and fix the bully but leave that to the teacher.  

Oh I hate seeing people being bullied!
The bullies think they are cool but
they are just fools. So next time
you see someone being unkind to someone else
make sure you tell a teacher or an adult.
Or Just stand up for the person
that is getting bullied.

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