Monday, 31 August 2015

1. Hey if you tell the teacher I will punch your face. 

Hi my speech is about bullying Bullying is bad. cooltext134316426046071.png
Bullying makes people cry. Bullies like to call people names like 'you egg!'  I hate bullies.

2. Bullying means people who shove and push. I have a question for you. 
'Have you ever been bullied?'
Bullies kick people because they want to be tough but they are not. Bullies like to be silent. Bullies are bad.

3. Bullies like to get into fights because they think they're tough. Bullies don't like being caught. They don' t like to go to time out. Bullies like to swear to people. 

I have been bullied once. It was when I was playing ten second tag. It was the finals and it was me and Joseph.

I tagged Joseph and he tried to get me but he hit me in the face and then HE got mad because he got out. 

Is that bullying? Yes, it is. It was just a game and he turned into a bully. A teacher put him in time out. He is my friend and he has to learn that when we are playing a game, it is just a game.

Bullying is not ok for other people. Bullies always do the wrong thing. Bullies always take other people’s lunch money. Bullies send bad comments. 

.5. I am sick of bullies bullying people because it is bad. Bullies can change if they want but I think they won’t change unless people tell on them and they get into trouble. Sometimes bullies think that everyone thinks that people forget but people don't forget

6. When you get older you might be a bully but I think you can be a good person. Bullies pick on little people because they are scared of people older than them. I think that bullies are scared of something.    

So I think we can help bullies.  I am not sure how but I think that bullies can be helped.   
by Lata.

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